Welcome to Costa Rica Medical Tourism

In the last few years, Costa Rica has become more than just an eco - tourism destination. Our country has become a desirable destinations for many tourists looking to get medical esthetic treatments, relaxation and Spa services.

It is possible to get that procedure you always dreamed about at reasonable price, with highly qualified surgeans and top of the line facilities.

Why visit Costa Rica?

We are just 2 and half hours away from Miami, Houston, 3 from Orlando, and many other destination who offers directs flights from USA. We also receive several direct flights from other important destination in Europe like Spain and Germany. Our Country offers medical advancements, heart, kidney and liver transplants are now offered, as is bone marrow transplantation. The World Health Organization gives high marks to the quality of medical care in Costa Rica

Modern Hospitals , High Standards of Care, Board Certified Surgeons.

Costa Rica is recognized for having cutting-edge techniques in all cosmetic surgery procedures, procedures ranging from body contouring and breast reconstruction to brow and face lifts. Our doctors were some of the first to practice the SmartLipo procedure in Central America, beginning in 2005.